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 Students Talk about Our Excellent Tutors and Services


TESTIMONIALS: ” A Tremendous Help…”

Daisy V.


“I finished my last session today and I want to express my gratitude to The English Circle and to my instructor for assisting
me with the IELTS test review. Mr. Montes has been a tremendous help. Quite honestly, I’ve never seen an instructor as patient and generous as he is. Thank you.”


TESTIMONIALS: “Outstanding Teachers.”

Jaime de Jarais, CEO and President, LGE


“We used the English Circle services for my wife (English lessons) and my kids (tutoring) during two years and our level of satisfaction was really high. The quality of teachers both from professional and personal point of view were outstanding. Thank you.”


TESTIMONIALS:  “Highly Recommended..”

Sakina Khan


“I have been a client of The English Circle for more than a year. They are very good at understanding the needs of the child as well as the parent’s expectations. Once they gauge the requirements, their team makes sure to send the most suitable teacher.

They are also very accommodating with the timing. Their teachers also do a great job. My son’s grade moved from a C+ to an A in a few weeks. He had the ideas but could not transfer them on paper.
Highly recommended…one of the best decisions of my life.”


TESTIMONIALS:  “Very rewarding….and interesting..”

Julie Gu, University Student

(Toronto and Beijing, China)

“I approached The English Circle because I wanted to improve my pronunciation and business writing. Barbara and The English Circle helped me a lot by identifying my weaknesses and strengths and setting up a plan to work towards my goal. One thing I liked was their effort to make a class interesting by going beyond the original content and adding literature, culture and other language influences to it. I found the experience was very rewarding and would highly recommend the company to people who want to improve their oral and written English.


TESTIMONIALS: “Really enjoying tutoring…”

Dr. T. Suzuki, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto 鈴木隆哉

(Toronto and Japan)


“I’m really enjoying the tutoring with Rob! I’ve started my tutoring with him since May 2014 and now I found that my English skills have substantially improved. As a researcher, I have to efficiently communicate and collaborate with my colleagues to develop challenging projects; however, I didn’t have such fluency in terms of speaking and listening. He is a really experienced tutor particularly in finding the difficult issue with which his students are struggling. We started from accent reduction and then explored a wide range of topics such as grammar, second language acquisition, cultural differences between western countries and Japan, and of course about my research project. Luckily, we are both tennis enthusiasts and that is a good excuse to escape from esoteric English lessons. Not to mention, the conversation about professional tennis tournaments is definitely fruitful for developing English skills. My wife is also enjoying the tutoring with another tutor from EC. I strongly recommend English Circle to improve your English! T. Suzuki Post Doctoral Fellow University of Toronto.”


TESTIMONIALS: “Professional …and affordable”

Vahan Khachatryan


“I’m extremely satisfied with lessons and particularly with my teacher Matt . I’m sure he loves teaching and that’s why the quality is top-rated. I would definitely recommend The English Circle as very professional and affordable at the same time.”


TESTIMONIALS:  “I enjoyed studying..”

Charles Shuai Yang 杨帅, Business Owner

(Tianjin, China)

“Learning a foreign language is a difficult task. Fortunately, The English Circle’s help is available.

An unusual feature of learning at The English Circle is one to one teaching, I enjoyed studying with teachers who had over 20 years’ experience. My teachers told me learning English is indeed more challenging than most other activities you will engage in. They also taught me a lot about Canadian culture. This is very helpful for a newcomer. I want to say thank you to Leah B. and Martha B. I hope everyone enjoys learning at The English Circle as much as I did. ”



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