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Online Resource Links to improve English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

The English Circle online links pages connect you to English games, stories, listening activities, videos, podcasts, and grammar and pronunciation exercises.

Teachers and 1-on-1 instruction is very important but practice on your own is also important. The variety of resources available provides diversity in learning experiences.

Tips for Learning and Improving English Skills

english resourcesEnglish language proficiency includes many skills. You must master reading, listening, speaking and writing. Online English resource tools allow you to learn and practice using your free time at home. These resources will supplement what you learn from your teachers and provide additional practice. You can read, listen and watch on your computer. It can be hard work but you can have fun with it too. Some online resources use games, quizzes and music th learn.

Learning English is the key to success for many people.

The English Circle resource pages here provide extensive resources to learn English online for beginning through advanced levels. Resources include practical grammar, vocabulary reference pages, quiz sheets, help with pronunciation help, and listening and reading comprehension exercises.

Speaking and understanding spoken English is essential

Have confidence when you participate in English conversations Some resources provide listening comprehension practice and tips on understanding spoken English.

Reading English

Reading English is easy when you try these online reading English learning resources to improve your reading comprehension technique.

English writing

Writing is especially important for those who need English for work. Online writing resources will help you develop skills such as writing formal and informal letters, writing resumes and cover letters and more.


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