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ESL English and English Tutoring – What We Do

The English Circle offers 1-on-1 ESL English tutoring and customized learning programs for all kinds of English improvement – both ONLINE and also In-Person (locally in Toronto). Group classes can be arranged for businesses and organizations.

Our  tutoring programs include ESL English for second language learners,  Business English for people who want to improve their written and verbal communication for the workplace. We can also help improve Writing Skills. In addition, we can help you prepare for English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL Above all our teachers aim to see our students acquire self-confidence, new language skills and achieve academic and career success.  We help students achieve their goals by providing individualized attention and instruction.

What Makes Us Special

First of all, our tutoring service specializes in English. Not only that, we  emphasize personalized service as well as subject expertise. When it comes to English our tutors have expertise in all different kinds of English teaching.  Whether you need a teacher for ESL or you need help with writing an essay — we can assist you. We also will provide  tutoring help if you need to pass a language proficiency test for citizenship or for immigration purposes. Some other benefits include:

  Customized Learning – Our tutors develop personalized learning plans after assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We create adaptable, flexible lessons and tailor program to the student’s needs and goals.

  Convenience – Lessons online or at a convenient location. We arrange times to fit your schedule. 

  Affordability – Tutoring packages offer great value and rates are affordable rates without sacrificing quality. No hidden fees, no registration fees and no contracts. 

Qualified Tutors

With 1-on-1 tutoring it is important to have full confidence in your tutor.  All our English tutors are native speakers who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and also have additional academic or teaching qualifications. Specifically our ESL teachers are qualified through TESL certified programs or have an equivalent certification.

  Native English Speakers

  Graduates and Certified Teachers – TESL or equivalent

  Experienced – Experienced in teaching English.

How do we find the best tutor for you? Tell us the date you want to start, the times you are available and something about your goals and priorities — and we will search for a tutor based on what you want to learn, location and times desired.  


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English Programs

The English Circle offers a number of programs for English improvement: ESL, Business Communications, Accent Reduction, Writing, Test Preparation.

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English Tutors

Our English tutors are committed to helping students achieve their personal, academic and career goals . They love to inspire students with their enthusiasm for learning.



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