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English tutors have teaching and subject expertise. They have an in-depth knowledge of their subject as well as a passion for passing on that knowledge.  All our English and ESL tutors have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and also will have additional subject or teaching qualifications (TESL).

Lily Fee CHONG  B.B.A. (Business), M.A. (Adult Education), TESL (Tutor)

Lily teaches ESL, Academic English and Business English. She shares her work experiences and brings practical advice to her students. Her strength is the diversity of experiences across multiple industries (e.g., Education, Management, Accounting, Information Technology). Her years in business as well as her teaching experience will benefit her students. Some of the topics that she covers are: essay writing, cover letters and resumes, job interview preparation, communication in the workplace and making presentations.

Peter GALLOWAY,  B.A. (Journalism), TESL  (Tutor)

Peter is a professional writer and editor who teaches writing skills and ESL English. He has had a successful journalism career during which he reported and edited for newspapers in Canada and for Reuters news agency, both overseas and in Canada. Peter did teach some English in Japan and decided to retire from journalism and start a second career as an ESL teacher.  For Peter, the key to being a successful journalist and a successful teacher is to gain the respect and trust of the people you are working with. For ESL students, that means that the teacher gives them the confidence to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes without fearing embarrassment.

David LESLIE, B.Sc., TESL (Tutor)

David has a background in computer science/ IT and he was also a published writer before he decided to make his love of language into a full-time career by teaching English. He has travelled and taught overseas as well as in Canada and teaches ESL, writing, pronunciation and IELTS test preparation. David uses a creative student- centered teaching approach to inspire and motivate students through active learning, with a dynamic manner but with patience, understanding and compassion, properly paced, with a sense of fun.

Joseph LUIK,  M. A. (English and Film), TESL (Tutor)

Joseph teaches creative writing and essay writing skills. He also is experienced in general ESL and in teaching discussion and conversation skills. His teaching style revolves around using the likes and dislikes of his students to help them remember information and then apply it to their own lives. He is a patient and empathetic listener which has helped with this teaching style.

 Joanne MADDEN, B.A., TESL (Tutor) 

Joanne has taught ESL to both children and adults and enjoys one-to-one tutoring immensely. She likes travelling and learning about various cultures and is dedicated to developing a good rapport with students.

Anne MAINS, B.F.A., Certif. IELTS & TOEFL, TESL (Tutor) 

Anne shares her love of the English language with her students, as well as her love of life in Toronto. They benefit from her 25+ years of experience in business communications, internet technology, and fine arts. She has also developed an IELTS course that enables her students to perform to their full potential on the test.

David SANTILLI , M.A. (English ), TESL (Tutor)

David teaches all aspects of English and he is particularly interested in accent and speaking improvement..  He is also an expert IELTS and writing teacher. His teaching style can be described as: experienced, flexible to each student’s needs and fun. His greatest skill comes from his ability to assess a student’s weakness and help them overcome it.


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