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English tutors have teaching and subject expertise. They have an in-depth knowledge of their subject as well as a passion for passing on that knowledge.  All our English and ESL tutors have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and also will have additional subject or teaching qualifications (TESL).

Lily Fee CHONG  B.B.A. (Business), M.A. (Adult Education), TESL (Tutor)

Lily teaches ESL, Academic English and Business English. She shares her work experiences and brings practical advice to her students. Her strength is the diversity of experiences across multiple industries (e.g., Education, Management, Accounting, Information Technology). Her years in business as well as her teaching experience will benefit her students. Some of the topics that she covers are: essay writing, cover letters and resumes, job interview preparation, communication in the workplace and making presentations.

David LESLIE, B.Sc., TESL (Tutor)

David has a background in computer science/ IT and he was also a published writer before he decided to make his love of language into a full-time career by teaching English. He has travelled and taught overseas as well as in Canada and teaches ESL, writing, pronunciation and IELTS test preparation. David uses a creative student- centered teaching approach to inspire and motivate students through active learning, with a dynamic manner but with patience, understanding and compassion, properly paced, with a sense of fun.

Sally LO, B.A. (Journalism), TESL (Tutor)

Sally’s experience includes teaching adult ESL in the classroom for 8 years and tutoring for over 20 years. Her tutoring specialties include Business English and Pronunciation. She also has experience with SSAT and remedial tutoring in reading, writing and grammar (grades 5/6). As a classroom teacher, she taught General ESL, Job Skills, TOEIC and Business English. Her teaching style centres on developing a strong rapport with her students and adapting to their unique interests and learning style. She teaches students with compassion, patience and real-life examples and materials. Helping students to successfully achieve their learning goals (e.g., to pass a test or give a work presentation) is the best part of being a tutor.

David SANTILLI, Hon. B.A., (Tutor)

David has taught pronunciation and ESL for more than 9 years. His tutoring specialties include accent modification and speaking. His teaching style is that of a “coach” who supports and empowers the learner.  David is patient with students and uses a “learning by doing” approach.



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