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English Grammar Links are listed here for writers, students and English teachers.

Grammar is the systematic study and description of a language. which include a set of rules and examples dealing with the syntax and word structures of a language. Grammar makes content more readable and as a result more interesting. Grammar lays the foundation for effective communication. Improper grammar can affect the meaning and clarity of any intended message.

Proper grammar is also essential for understanding English as a second language as well as for learning a new language, since all languages follow grammatical patterns. English is currently the primary grammatical standard in the world  — in all areas of life: business, government, medicine, and education.


Common Errors in English Usage

Prof. Paul Brians at Washington Stete University provides an introduction to the most common errors in using the English language.


EnglishGrammar.org (developed by Jennifer Frost )covers all aspects of the English written language including rules, tool, videos, and various tips on writing effectively and using correct grammar.

Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

Grammarabout.com Glossary is an extensive glossary of grammatical and rhetorical terms used in the study of the English language.

Glossary of English Grammar Terms

Usingenglish.com Glossary  is a cross-referenced English glossary of linguistic and grammatical terms. Each definition contains an explanation and cross-references to other relevant terms.

Grammar Cheat Sheet for Bloggers

This guide by blogging.com will make your blog posts a lot easier to read.If you’re running a blog, getting grammar right is really helpful

Guide to Grammar and Style

This Guide to Grammar by Jack Lynch at Rutgers Universityis an extensive alphabetical list of the most common errors in English, with concise explanations.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Grammarbook.com covers grammar, punctuation and structure explanations with quizzes for each chapter.