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Academic English tutors at the English Circle (Toronto) provide 1-on-1 private tutoring to students and professionals to enhance language and writing skills. Our customized program will give you the confidence you need to excel in a challenging environment.

You may be competent in using  English in everyday situations, but the kind of English used in academic or professional writing is very different. Essays, reports, journal articles, theses and research papers are just some examples of documents that are written in the “academic style”.

Essay Writing Tutoring – Customized Writing Programs

English tutors teach  students about the process of writing and its applications. Competence in writing comes from knowing how to write as much as from knowing what to write.

academic english tutorsThe English Circle will develop a customized  tutoring program for you based on your unique needs and goals.

Times are flexible, and tutors will meet you at your home, office or other convenient location.

Our Academic Writing program will help students to achieve the following goals:

  •     Write clearly and precisely with a consistent stylistic approach
  •     Use grammar correctly
  •   Develop academic language and vocabulary
  •   Express complex ideas in academic writing
  •   Learn different essay formats/structure

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